PCp is an executive producer & artist with

nine years of experience in music entertainment.  He has travelled from Atlanta to Los Angeles and everywhere in between for freelance work and training in music project production, mix engineering, songwriting, producing, and mastering. In these few short years, PCp has gained both experience and exposure to the industry, while working with many Billboard-charting projects including T.I.’s "Paper Trails," Ludacris’ "Battle of the Sexes,” Independent Film Channel’s "O, brother," and the reality TV show "Hollywood Socialites,” as well as with affiliate producer Luney Tunez.

With a tremendous amount of determination, self-motivation, and willingness to achieve his goals, PCp is always hard at work: by day as a volunteer teaching music production to teenage students or traveling around the country in studio sessions with clients, songwriters, and artist collaborations; and by night, in the studio with his team of musical geniuses, constructing and designing timeless music. "I consider myself a versatile and multi-genre producer, with the skills to produce any music project, while at the same time always making a listener wonder: what were you thinking when you made this?”