Music Evolved is a collaborative effort between a group of producers, composers, artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

singles & albums

We started our musical journey by writing songs and producing artists, and that's where we still shine. Our team can produce singles or full albums for artists, bands, or collaborative projects.

film & tv

We have a deep love for film, television, and video games, and it shines through in our music. We're happy to offer music for media in all genres, including soundtracks, SFX, and song placement.


As iTunes tops 1 billion podcast subscriptions, we plan to be at the forefront of creating high quality shows. We can help you start a podcast from scratch, and help you top the charts.


Need something a little more personalized?


The front page of our musical image

Our artists are not just artists; aside from their time in the studio, this team also contributes to all of our songwriting, as well as assisting with engineering, production, and composing.  As "jacks-of-all-trades" they're able to critically look at their music with an outside eye, pushing themselves for the best musical performances they can offer.



More than just artists . . .

Their voice is heard through inspirational lyrics about real life.  Past experiences lead them to write compelling music that is relatable to anyone.  And they take "branding" seriously, giving a convincing message to every piece of the musical puzzle.


Crafting the mood of your project

The musical "score" has an indispensable role in any creative project.  Music makes us feel a certain way, and invokes in us a specific emotion that would be absent otherwise.  Whether it's an ambient soundscape, an active orchestral work, or hard-hitting electronic music, the audio elements of film, television, gaming, and advertising work hand-in-hand to place the listener in a new world.


At Music Evolved, our composers specialize in a number of areas:



Musical score for feature films and shorts


Punchy music for any previews or theme songs


Video Games

Background music for indie games and AAA blockbusters


Jingles, instrumentals, and more to brand your company


Our podcast team is ready to deliver your show to an audience awaiting to hear it.

We provide consultation. We provide an equipment list. We provide web design, blog posts, and show notes. That's right; all you have to do is hit record, and we'll handle the rest.


The most important part of the process: Recording your voice.

Every step along the way helps to make your show great, but at the center of any podcast is your voice. Your audio. How it sounds, and how your fans hear it. Post-production can only do so much; the way you record your voice and the equipment you use is the first step to perfection. We go above and beyond simple editing, and walk you through your microphone setup, placement, room environment, Skype calls, and more.


This is a sampling of our music placed behind popular video game trailers.

Original music & SFX by Music Evolved, inspired by the trailer for Little Big Planet Karting.

A Song the students made for the Through Mind's Eyes program as a final project.

We entered a contest to re-score this game trailer with our own original music.

At The Studio Collaborating On A Record With The Homies.

"Apps For That" program with Through Mind's Eyes

Through Mind's Eyes is a local Columbus, Ohio non-profit group working with at-risk teens and young adults.

Watching West SIde Story Got Me Inspired To Make A Track.

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We thrive when working hand-in-hand with our partners. That's you. We don't just record your songs or mix your audio, we help you create your product and make it the absolute best it can be.

Let's take you from concept to completion.

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